ˈpɜrːtʃəs ˈpɜːtʃɪs
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  • Countable Noun
    خریداری، ابتیاع، خرید
    • - She showed us her new purchase with pride.
    • - او خرید تازه‌ی خود را با سربلندی به ما نشان داد.
    • - We had difficulty getting any purchase on the steep rock.
    • - در پیدا کردن جا پا بر آن صخره‌ی پر شیب دچار اشکال شدیم.
    • - the purchase of a new home
    • - خرید یک خانه‌ی نو
    • - date of purchase
    • - تاریخ خرید
    • - to make a purchase
    • - خرید کردن
  • Verb - transitive
    خریداری کردن
    • - A dearly purchased victory.
    • - پیروزی که بسیار گران تمام شده است.
    • - to purchase another shirt
    • - یک پیراهن دیگر خریدن
    • - to purchase one's life at the expense of one's honor
    • - با از دست دادن شرافت جان خود را خریدن
  • Countable Noun
    درآمد سالیانه زمین
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مترادف و متضاد purchase

  1. Noun possession obtained with money
    Synonyms: acquirement, acquisition, asset, bargain, booty, buy, gain, investment, property, steal
    Antonyms: sale, sell
  2. Verb buy, obtain
    Synonyms: achieve, acquire, attain, come by, cop, deal in, earn, gain, get hold of, go shopping, invest, make a buy, make a purchase, market, patronize, pay for, pick up, procure, realize, redeem, secure, shop, shop for, take, take up, truck, win
    Antonyms: sell

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