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  • Uncountable Noun
    اخذ، کسب، دریافت
    • - He's much more interested in the getting than in the giving.
    • - او بیشتر به اخذ علاقه دارد تا اعطا.
    • - getting permission
    • - کسب اجازه
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تبلیغات (تبلیغات را حذف کنید)

مترادف و متضاد getting

  1. Noun the act of procuring
    Synonyms: taking, obtaining, gaining, grasping, catching, earning, winning, seizing, clutching, pursuing, securing, capturing, mastering, confiscating, appropriating, assimilating, snatching
    Antonyms: losing, giving up, abandoning
  2. Noun the act of changing
    Synonyms: succumbing, growing, becoming, altering, accepting, submitting to
    Antonyms: refusal, rejecting, throwing off


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