Pissed Off

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  • Adjective
    دمغ، عصبانی، کفری، ناراحت
    • - I was pissed off with the way some people were behaving.
    • - از طرز رفتار بعضی‌ها عصبانی بودم.
    • - She seemed a bit pissed off that she hadn't been invited.
    • - به‌ نظر می‌رسید از اینکه دعوت نشده بود کمی عصبانی است.
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  1. Adjective angry
    Synonyms: affronted, annoyed, bent out of shape, boiling, cross, displeased, enraged, fighting mad, fit to be tied, fuming, furious, hopping mad, hot, huffy, in a tizzy, incensed, inflamed, infuriated, irate, irritated, livid, mad, maddened, offended, outraged, peed, peeved off, provoked, raging, riled, sore, steamed, steamed up, steaming, storming, t’d off, tee’d off, ticked off

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