kəmˈpliːtli kəmˈpliːtli
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  • صفت تفضیلی:

    more completely
  • صفت عالی:

    most completely
  • Adverb
    کاملاً، به‌ کلی، یکسره، به‌ تمامی، به‌ طور کامل، سراسر
    • - Wait until the paint has completely dried.
    • - صبر کن تا نقاشی کاملاً خشک شود.
    • - My car was completely wrecked in the accident.
    • - ماشینم در تصادف کاملاً اسقاطی شد.
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مترادف و متضاد completely

  1. Adverb entirely
    Synonyms: absolutely, all the way, altogether, competently, comprehensively, conclusively, effectively, en masse, exclusively, exhaustively, extensively, finally, from A to Z, from beginning to end, fully, heart and soul, hook line and sinker, in all, in entirety, in full, in toto, on all counts, painstakingly, perfectly, quite, solidly, thoroughly, totally, to the end, to the limit, to the max, to the nth degree, ultimately, unabridged, unanimously, unconditionally, undividedly, utterly, wholly, without omission

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