kwaɪt kwaɪt kwaɪt
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  • Adverb
    کاملاً، به‌کلی، تماماً، سراسر، واقعاً
    • - I am quite ready now.
    • - حالا درست آماده‌ام.
    • - quite mistaken
    • - کاملاً در اشتباه
    • - He is quite a gentleman.
    • - واقعاً جوانمرد است.
    • - It's quite warm today.
    • - امروز هوا خیلی گرم است.
    • - quite near
    • - خیلی نزدیک
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مترادف و متضاد quite

  1. Adverb completely
    Synonyms: absolutely, actually, all, all in all, all told, altogether, considerably, entirely, fully, in all respects, in fact, in reality, in toto, in truth, just, largely, perfectly, positively, precisely, purely, really, thoroughly, totally, truly, utterly, well, wholly, without reservation
    Antonyms: incompletely
  2. Adverb to a certain extent
    Synonyms: considerably, fairly, far, moderately, more or less, pretty, rather, reasonably, relatively, significantly, somewhat, to some degree, very


  • quite a few (or bit)

    (عامیانه) خیلی، بسیار، (نسبتاً) زیاد

  • quite (so)

    موافقم، راست می‌گویید، واقعاً، کاملاً درست است

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