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  • گذشته‌ی ساده و شکل سوم فعل send
    • - She sent a text message to her friend.
    • - برای دوستش پیامک فرستاد.
    • - He sent an email to the entire team.
    • - یک ایمیل برای کل تیم ارسال کرد.
    • - We sent flowers to congratulate them on their wedding.
    • - برای تبریک عروسی آن‌ها گل فرستادیم.
  • noun countable
    سنت (زیر واحد پولی سابق استونی برابر با یک‌صدم کرون)
    • - One hundred sents made up one kroon in the former monetary system of Estonia.
    • - در سیستم پولی سابق استونی، صد سنت برابر با یک کرون بود.
    • - I found an old coin with a sent inscribed on it.
    • - یک سکه‌ی قدیمی پیدا کردم که روی آن عبارت یک سنت نوشته شده بود.
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مترادف و متضاد sent

  1. adjective Caused or enabled to go or be conveyed or transmitted
    Synonyms: shipped, mailed, posted, commissioned, appointed, ordained, delegated, dispatched, directed, issued, transmitted, discharged, gone, on the road, in-transit, emitted, uttered, sent forth, driven, impelled, forced to go, consigned, ordered, committed
    Antonyms: kept, restrained, unsent, held-back
  2. verb Cause to be admitted; of persons to an institution
    Synonyms: transported, directed, hurled, charged, thrilled, flung, institutionalized, enraptured, electrified, committed, propelled
  3. verb Broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television
    Synonyms: broadcasted, communicated, emitted, transmitted, beamed, wired, relayed, conducted, aired
    Antonyms: received
  4. verb Cause to be directed or transmitted to another place
    Synonyms: shipped, addrest, consigned, commissioned, mailed, posted, delegated, dispatched, forwarded, wired, thrown, remitted, relayed, transmitted, propelled, projected, conveyed, launched, accelerated, issued, inflicted, hastened, hurled, expedited, flung, emitted, driven, discharged, delivered, expressed, advanced, carried, broadcasted, bestowed, transported
    Antonyms: displeased
  5. verb Assign to a station
    Synonyms: transferred, assigned, placed, uttered, imparted, entrusted, conferred, posted, granted, bestowed, given, referred, conveyed, stationed

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