Carefully معنی

ˈkerfli ˈkeəfli
آخرین به‌روزرسانی:
  • Adverb
    بادقت، به‌دقت، با‌احتیاط، محتاطانه

مترادف و متضاد carefully

  1. Adverb cautiously; painstakingly
    Synonyms: anxiously, attentively, circumspectly, concernedly, conscientiously, correctly, deliberately, delicately, dependably, discreetly, exactly, faithfully, fastidiously, fully, gingerly, guardedly, heedfully, honorably, in detail, laboriously, meticulously, particularly, precisely, providently, prudently, punctiliously, regardfully, reliably, rigorously, scrupulously, solicitously, thoroughly, thoughtfully, trustily, uprightly, vigilantly, warily, watchfully, with forethought, with reservations
    Antonyms: carelessly, incautiously, thoughtlessly, uncarefully

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