Querulous معنی

ˈkwerələs ˈkwerələs
آخرین به‌روزرسانی:
  • Adjective
    کج‌خلق، زود‌رنج، گله‌مند، ستیز‌جو، شکوه‌گر

تبلیغات (تبلیغات را حذف کنید)

مترادف و متضاد querulous

  1. Adjective grouchy, hard to please
    Synonyms: bearish, bemoaning, cantankerous, captious, carping, censorious, complaining, critical, cross, crying, deploring, discontented, dissatisfied, edgy, fault-finding, fretful, grousing, grumbling, grumbly, huffy irascible, irritable, lamenting, out of sorts peevish, petulant, plaintive, scrappy, snappy, sour, testy, thin-skinned touchy, uptight, wailing, waspish, waspy, whimpering, whining, whiny
    Antonyms: cheerful, easy-going, happy

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