sɒː sɔː
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  • noun adverb countable
    اره،هراسبابی شبیه اره
  • noun adverb countable
    زمان گذشته ساده فعل See
    • - handsaw
    • - اره‌ی دستی
    • - hacksaw
    • - اره‌ی آهن‌بر
    • - crosscut saw
    • - اره‌ی دوسر
    • - I sawed the wood.
    • - چوب را اره کردم.
    • - wood that saws easily
    • - چوبی که به آسانی اره می‌شود
    • - to saw the air with one's hands
    • - دستان خود را اره‌وار در هوا حرکت دادن
    • - to saw a knife through meat
    • - گوشت را اره‌وار با چاقو بریدن
    • - to saw a tune on a fiddle
    • - آهنگی را اره‌وار با ویولن زدن
    • - I saw Jamshid.
    • - جمشید را دیدم.
    • - I saw a saw that saw a saw.
    • - دست بالای دست بسیار است.
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مترادف و متضاد saw

  1. noun A usually pithy and familiar statement expressing an observation or principle generally accepted as wise or true
    Synonyms: adage, proverb, byword, aphorism, maxim, power-saw, motto, fretsaw, saying, backsaw, bucksaw, sawing machine, hacksaw, handsaw, ripsaw
  2. verb Go to see a place, as for entertainment
    Synonyms: visited, caught, stopped, viewed, called, watched
  3. verb Date regularly; have a steady relationship with
    Synonyms: dated
  4. verb Make sense of; assign a meaning to
    Synonyms: understood, comprehended, construed, accepted, discerned, realized, got, grasped, followed, fathomed, conceived, compassed, caught, dug, twigged, apprehended, kent, took, sensed, interpreted, read, perceived
    Antonyms: neglected, skipped, overlooked, missed, ignored
  5. verb Go or live through
    Synonyms: experienced, encountered, knew, met, proved, have, felt, suffered, tasted
  6. verb Perceive or be contemporaneous with
    Synonyms: descried, detected, discerned, witnessed, watched, viewed, regarded, perceived, distinguished, marked, observed, minded, espied, noticed, noted, learnt, scanned, found, examined, visualized, visited, spied, understood, remarked, surveyed, contemplated, penetrated, beheld, scrutinized, ascertained, gazed, looked, interviewed, grasped, stared, escorted, envisioned, checked, heeded, comprehended, inspected, apprehended, determined, accompanied
    Antonyms: neglected, skipped, overlooked, missed, ignored
  7. verb Get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally
    Synonyms: discovered, anticipated, envisioned, divined, heard, foreknew, learnt, foresaw
  8. verb Deem to be
    Synonyms: considered, regarded, reckoned, assured, observed, accounted, ascertained, heeded, deemed, controlled, esteemed, ensured, viewed, insured, checked, noticed
  9. verb Accompany or escort
    Synonyms: attended, looked, perceived, beheld, escorted, kent
    Antonyms: overlooked, skipped, missed, ignored
  10. verb Imagine; conceive of; see in one's mind
    Synonyms: fancied, visualized, pictured, imaged, conceived, visioned, figured, thought, envisioned, imagined, projected, fantasized, envisaged, featured
  11. verb Observe, check out, and look over carefully or inspect
    Synonyms: examined
  12. noun A familiar saying, especially one that has become trite through repetition.
    Synonyms: saying


  • saw wood

    (آمریکا - عامیانه) 1- خوابیدن 2- خرخر کردن

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