ˈskæt̬ərd ˈskætəd
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  • adjective C2
    پراکنده، متفرق، پخش‌وپلا، ریخته‌وپاشیده، ازهم‌پاشیده، متلاشی، گسسته
    • - The scattered clouds in the sky created a beautiful sunset.
    • - ابرهای پراکنده در آسمان غروبی زیبا پدید آورد.
    • - The scattered papers on my desk made it hard to find the document I was looking for.
    • - کاغذهای پخش‌وپلا روی میزم پیدا کردن مدرکی را که دنبالش بودم، سخت کرده بود.
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مترادف و متضاد scattered

  1. adjective Lacking orderly continuity
    Synonyms: widespread, spread, strewed, rambling, sowed, sown, sprinkled, spread abroad, erratic, separated, disseminated, infrequent, dispersed, strung-out, intermittent, isolated, distributed, disordered, irregular, diffuse, diffused, confused, all-over-the-place, occasional, separate, sparse, disconnected, shaken-out, sporadic, disjointed, spotty, strewn, garbled, illogical, unconnected
    Antonyms: gathered, condensed, concentrated
  2. verb To waste
    Synonyms: exhausted, broadcasted, sown, lavished, squandered, dissipated, expended
  3. verb To cause to separate and go in different directions
    Synonyms: dispersed, separated, disseminated, dissipated, interspersed, distributed, strewn, dispelled, disbanded, divided, sprayed, severed, wasted, disunited, squandered, diffused, sprinkled, spread, splattered, sown, showered, routed, promulgated, deranged, flung, shed, diversified, diverged, deflected, circulated, cast
    Antonyms: mixed, joined, united
  4. verb Strew or distribute over an area
    Synonyms: dispersed, strewn, spread, disseminated, dusted, radiated, set, distributed, dotted, diffused, sprinkled, circulated
  5. verb Move away from each other
    Synonyms: dissipated, lifted, spread, dispersed, migrated, disbanded, diverged
    Antonyms: gathered, convened, collected, assembled

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