Careless معنی

ˈkerləs ˈkeələs
آخرین به‌روزرسانی:
  • Adjective
    • - He is a careless driver and has already had several accidents.
    • - او راننده‌ی سربه‌هوایی است و تا به حال چندین تصادف کرده است.
    • - Akbar dresses carelessly.
    • - اکبر با شلختگی لباس می‌پوشد.
    • - Don't be careless about grammar and punctuation!
    • - درباره‌ی املا و نقطه‌گذاری بی‌دقتی نکن!
    • - a carelessly made table
    • - میز بد ساخت (سرهم‌بندی‌شده)
    • - a careless answer
    • - پاسخ نسنجیده

مترادف و متضاد careless

  1. Adjective without sufficient attention
    Synonyms: absent-minded, abstracted, casual, cursory, disregardful, forgetful, hasty, heedless, improvident, imprudent, inaccurate, inadvertent, incautious, inconsiderate, indifferent, indiscreet, indolent, injudicious, irresponsible, lackadaisical, lax, loose, mindless, napping, negligent, nonchalant, oblivious, offhand, perfunctory, pococurante, reckless, regardless, remiss, slipshod, sloppy, thoughtless, uncircumspect, unconcerned, unguarded, unheeding, unmindful, unobservant, unreflective, unthinking, wasteful
    Antonyms: accurate, attentive, careful, cautious, concerned, mindful, painstaking, prudent, ready, thoughtful
  2. Adjective artless
    Synonyms: casual, modest, naive, natural, nonchalant, simple, unstudied
    Antonyms: cautious, guarded, kind, mindful, scrupulous

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