əˈtend əˈtend
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  • Verb - transitive
    (کلاس، جلسه) حاضر شدن در، حضور یافتن در، شرکت کردن در
    • - They attended the wedding.
    • - در عروسی حضور یافتند.
    • - Many attended his funeral.
    • - خیلی‌ها در مجلس ترحیم او شرکت داشتند.
  • Verb - transitive
    همراه کسی بودن، در خدمت کسی بودن، مراقبت کردن از، مواظبت کردن از، پرستاری کردن از، تیمارداری کردن از
    • - Doctors were few and only attended very sick patients.
    • - شمار دکترها کم بود و فقط به بیماران رو به مرگ رسیدگی می‌کردند.
    • - Are you being attended to?
    • - (معمولاً در فروشگاه‌ها و غیره) آیا کسی به شما رسیده است؟
    • - I attended him to the airport.
    • - او را تا فرودگاه همراهی کردم.
  • Verb - intransitive
    توجه کردن، گوش کردن
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مترادف و متضاد attend

  1. Verb be present at
    Synonyms: appear, be a guest, be at, be present, be there, bob up, catch, check in, clock in, come to light, drop in, frequent, go to, haunt, make an appearance, make it, make the scene, pop up, punch in, punch the clock, ring in, show, show up, sit in on, time in, turn up, visit
    Antonyms: be absent
  2. Verb care for
    Synonyms: be in the service of, doctor, do for, look after, mind, minister to, nurse, serve, take care of, tend, wait upon, watch, work for
    Antonyms: ignore, neglect
  3. Verb pay attention; apply oneself
    Synonyms: catch, concentrate on, devote oneself, follow, get a load of, hear, hearken, heed, keep one’s eye on, lend an ear, listen, listen up, look after, look on, mark, mind, note, notice, observe, occupy oneself with, pay heed, pick up, regard, see to, watch
    Antonyms: be lazy, disregard, ignore, neglect
  4. Verb accompany
    Synonyms: bear, be associated with, be connected with, catch, follow, issue from, make the scene, occur with, result from
  5. Verb escort
    Synonyms: accompany, chaperon, companion, consort, convoy, escort, guard, squire, usher

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