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  • verb - transitive verb - intransitive A2
    صرف کردن، پرداخت کردن، خرج کردن، تحلیل رفتن
    • - His patience was spent.
    • - صبرش تمام شد.
    • - Gradually his energy was spent.
    • - کم‌کم رمق او تحلیل رفت.
    • - He spent himself in the service of humanity.
    • - خودش را وقف خدمت به بشریت کرد.
    • - He spent all of his money.
    • - همه‌ی پولش را خرج کرد.
    • - How much did you spend?
    • - چقدر خرج کردی؟
    • - Zarry spends more than she earns.
    • - زری بیش از درآمدش خرج می‌کند.
    • - I have spent five years on this book.
    • - پنج سال صرف نوشتن این کتاب کرده‌ام.
    • - Hossein spends his summers in Ghamsar.
    • - حسین تابستان‌های خود را در قمصر می‌گذراند.
    • - to spend an evening with friends
    • - شبی را با دوستان سپری کردن
    مشاهده نمونه‌جمله بیشتر
  • verb - intransitive
    تمام شدن، صرف شدن
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مترادف و متضاد spend

  1. verb give, pay out
    Synonyms: absorb, allocate, ante up, apply, bestow, blow, cast away, come across, come through, concentrate, confer, consume, contribute, cough up, defray, deplete, disburse, dispense, dissipate, donate, drain, drop, employ, empty, evote, exhaust, expend, foot the bill, fritter, give, hand out, invest, lavish, lay out, liquidate, misspend, outlay, pay down, pay up, put in, run through, settle, shell out, spring for, squander, throw away, use, use up, waste
    Antonyms: earn, get, receive
  2. verb use time; occupy
    Synonyms: consume, devote, drift, employ, fill, fool around, fritter, go, idle, kill, laze, let pass, misuse, pass, put in, squander, waste, while away
    Antonyms: be lazy

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