kənˈtent ˈkɑːntent kənˈtent ˈkɒntent
آخرین به‌روزرسانی:
  • Noun Verb - transitive Interjection
    محتوی، مضمون
  • Noun Verb - transitive Interjection
    گنجایش، حجم، مقدار، مندرجات، مفاد، خوشنود، راضی، راضی کردن، قانع کردن، خرسند، خرسند کردن
    • - Are you content with your present salary?
    • - آیا به حقوق فعلی خود قانع هستی؟
    • - We will have to content ourselves with bread and cheese.
    • - باید با نان و پنیر بسازیم.
    • - He ate to his heart's content.
    • - تا دلش می‌خواست خورد.
    • - the contents of his pockets
    • - محتویات جیب‌های او
    • - the contents of a suitcase
    • - محتویات چمدان
    • - table of contents
    • - فهرست مندرجات
    • - the contents of his speech
    • - مضمون نطق او
    • - the content of a poem as opposed to its form
    • - محتوای شعر در مقایسه با شکل آن
    • - iron with a high carbon content
    • - آهن دارای مقدار زیادی کربن
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مترادف و متضاد content

  1. Adjective happy, agreeable
    Synonyms: appeased, at ease, can’t complain, comfortable, complacent, contented, fat dumb and happy, fulfilled, gratified, pleased as punch, satisfied, smug, tickled pink, willing
    Antonyms: depressed, disagreeable, discontent, dissatisfied, disturbed, needy, unhappy, upset, wanting
  2. Noun comfort, happiness
    Synonyms: contentment, ease, gratification, peace, peace of mind, pleasure, satisfaction
    Antonyms: discontent, displeasure, uncomfortableness, unhappiness
  3. Noun essence, meaning
    Synonyms: burden, composition, constitution, gist, idea, matter, significance, subject, subject matter, substance, text, thought
  4. Noun capacity, volume
    Synonyms: filling, load, measure, packing, size
  5. Verb please
    Synonyms: appease, bewitch, captivate, charm, delight, enrapture, gladden, gratify, humor, indulge, make happy, mollify, placate, reconcile, satisfy, suffice, thrill, tickle
    Antonyms: anger, displease, disturb, upset


  • to one's heart's content

    به حد وفور، تا دل شخص بخواهد

    تا دل (کسی) بخواهد، تا سرحد سیری

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