əˈproʊtʃ əˈprəʊtʃ
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  • Verb - transitive
    نزدیک شدن به، نزدیک آمدن به
    • - you should slow down as you approach the junction.
    • - وقتی به تقاطع نزدیک می‌شوید باید از سرعت خود بکاهید.
    • - approach a destination
    • - به مقصد نزدیک شدن
  • Verb - transitive
    (مجازی) به پای کسی یا چیزی رسیدن، با کسی یا چیزی برابری کردن
  • Verb - intransitive
    نزدیک بودن
  • Countable Noun
    رهیافت، راهبرد، نگرش، تلقی، برخورد، رویکرد، روش، شیوه
  • Uncountable Noun
    تقریب، نزدیکی، دسترسی
    • - easy of approach
    • - سهل‌الوصول
    • - difficult of approach
    • - دور از دسترس
  • Countable Noun
    تقاضا، درخواست، پیشنهاد
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تبلیغات (تبلیغات را حذف کنید)

مترادف و متضاد approach

  1. Noun way, means of arriving
    Synonyms: access, accession, advance, advent, avenue, coming, drawing near, entrance, gate, landing, nearing, passage, path, reaching, road, way
    Antonyms: departure, distancing, leaving
  2. Noun request, suggestion
    Synonyms: advance, appeal, application, offer, overture, proposal, proposition
  3. Noun plan of attack, resolution
    Synonyms: attitude, concept, course, crack, fling, go, idea, lick, manner, means, method, mode, modus operandi, new wrinkle, offer, procedure, program, shot, stab, style, technique, way, whack, wrinkle
  4. Verb come nearer
    Synonyms: advance, approximate, bear, be comparable to, be like, belly up to, border, buzz, catch up, close in, come, come at, come close, compare with, contact, converge, correspond to, creep up, draw near, equal, gain on, go toward, impend, loom up, match, meet, move in on, move toward, near, progress, reach, resemble, surround, take after, threaten, verge upon
    Antonyms: depart, distance, go away, leave
  5. Verb make request, suggestion
    Synonyms: accost, address, advise, appeal to, apply to, beseech, confer, consult, entreat, feel, feel one out, give a play, give a tumble, greet, implore, make advance, make overture, make up to, plead, propose, sound out, speak to, supplicate, take aside, talk to, thumb, tumble
  6. Verb begin
    Synonyms: commence, embark, set about, start, undertake

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