teɪk teɪk
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  • Verb - transitive
    گرفتن، تسخیر کردن، تصاحب کردن، فتح کردن
    • - They took the fort in two days.
    • - دو روزه دژ را تسخیر کردند.
    • - He took the town and carried its people into captivity.
    • - او شهر را فتح کرد و مردم آن را به اسارت برد.
  • Verb - transitive
    (در دست یا با دست) گرفتن، در دست نگه‌داشتن
    • - Take the pen in your right hand.
    • - قلم را در دست راستت بگیر.
    • - I took the child in my arms.
    • - کودک را در بغل گرفتم.
    • - He took the hammer firmly by the handle.
    • - دسته‌ی چکش را محکم گرفت.
  • Verb - transitive
    (چیزی را از کسی) گرفتن، به دست آوردن، ستدن
    • - If you can play better, take it and play!
    • - گر تو بهتر می‌زنی بستان بزن!
    • - He took my watch and never gave it back.
    • - ساعتم را گرفت و هرگز پس نداد.
    • - She would not take money from the poor.
    • - او از مسکینان پول نمی‌گرفت.
    • - Zahra takes bribes.
    • - زهرا رشوه می‌گیرد.
  • Verb - transitive
    برداشتن، ورداشتن
    • - Take anything you want.
    • - هرچه دلت می‌خواهد بردار.
    • - She accused me of taking his camera.
    • - مرا متهم کرد که دوربین عکاسی او را برداشته‌ام.
    • - Don't take things that do not belong to you!
    • - چیزهایی را که به تو تعلق ندارند بر ندار!
    • - He took his hat and overcoat and left.
    • - کلاه و پالتو خود را برداشت و رفت.
    • - I took the book off the shelf.
    • - کتاب را از تاقچه برداشتم.
    • - Who took the money I had left here?
    • - پولی را که این‌جا گذاشته بودم کی برداشت؟
    مشاهده نمونه‌جمله بیشتر
  • Verb - transitive
    ماهی (و غیره) گرفتن، صید کردن، شکار کردن
    • - Eighty percent of the whales today are taken in the Antarctic.
    • - امروزه هشتاد درصد نهنگ‌ها در جنوبگان صید می‌شوند.
    • - the taking of birds and deer
    • - شکار پرندگان و آهو
  • Verb - transitive
    (شطرنج و نرد و غیره) کشتن، برنده بودن
    • - My rook took his horse.
    • - رخ من اسب او را کشت.
    • - Ace takes the king.
    • - خال آس از شاه می‌برد.
  • Verb - transitive
    (به بخشی از بدن) زدن، خوردن (به)
  • Verb - transitive
    دچار کردن، دستخوش کردن یا شدن، (بیماری) گرفتن
  • Verb - transitive
    (در حین ارتکاب و غیره) مچ کسی را گرفتن، غافلگیر کردن، دستگیر کردن
  • Verb - transitive
    مفتون کردن، مجذوب کردن، جلب کردن، خرسند کردن، (از کسی یا چیزی) خوش آمدن
  • Verb - transitive
    خوردن، نوشیدن، لب زدن، فرودادن، فرو بردن، استنشاق کردن
  • Verb - transitive
    (زن یا معشوق وغیره) گرفتن
  • Verb - transitive
    (به شغل یا مقام و غیره) رسیدن، به عهده گرفتن
  • Verb - transitive
    (سوگند) خوردن، (قول و غیره) دادن
  • Verb - transitive
    کسر کردن، کاستن، منها کردن
  • Verb - intransitive
    (به ارث)‌ بردن
  • Countable Noun
    برداشت (در فیلم‌برداری، صدابرداری، عکس‌برداری و...)
  • Uncountable Noun
    دریافتی (ها)، مبالغ واریز شده، کسب، سود، درآمد
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تبلیغات (تبلیغات را حذف کنید)

مترادف و متضاد take

  1. Noun profit
    Synonyms: booty, catch, catching, cut, gate, haul, holding, part, proceeds, receipts, return, returns, revenue, share, takings, yield
    Antonyms: debt, loss
  2. Verb get; help oneself to
    Synonyms: abduct, accept, acquire, arrest, attain, capture, carry off, carve out, catch, clasp, clutch, collar, collect, earn, ensnare, entrap, gain possession, gather up, get hold of, grab, grasp, grip, handle, haul in, have, hold, lay hold of, obtain, overtake, pick up, prehend, pull in, reach, reap, receive, secure, seize, snag, snatch, strike, take hold of, take in, win
    Antonyms: give, receive
  3. Verb steal
    Synonyms: abduct, abstract, accroach, annex, appropriate, arrogate, borrow, carry off, commandeer, confiscate, expropriate, filch, haul in, liberate, lift, misappropriate, nab, nail, nip, pick up, pinch, pluck, pocket, preempt, pull in, purloin, rip off, run off with, salvage, seize, sequester, snag, snare, snatch, snitch, swipe, take in
    Antonyms: give, offer
  4. Verb buy; reserve
    Synonyms: book, borrow, charter, choose, cull, decide on, derive, draw, elect, engage, gain, get, hire, lease, mark, obtain, optate, opt for, pay for, pick, prefer, procure, purchase, rent, select, single out
    Antonyms: refuse, reject
  5. Verb endure
    Synonyms: abide, accept, accommodate, bear, bear with, brave, brook, contain, give access, go, go through, grin and bear it, hack, hang in, hang on, hang tough, hold, let in, live with, put up with, receive, ride out, stand, stand for, stick it out, stomach, submit to, suffer, swallow, take it, take it lying down, take it on the chin, tolerate, undergo, weather, welcome, withstand
    Antonyms: avoid, discontinue, dodge, refuse, reject, stop
  6. Verb consume
    Synonyms: devour, down, drink, eat, feed, feed on, imbibe, ingest, inhale, meal, partake of, swallow
    Antonyms: abstain
  7. Verb accept, adopt; use
    Synonyms: accommodate, admit, appropriate, assume, be aware of, behave, bring, deal with, delight in, do, effect, enjoy, enter upon, execute, exercise, exert, experience, function, give access, have, include, let in, like, luxuriate in, make, observe, operate, perform, play, practice, put in practice, react, receive, relish, sense, serve, take in, treat, undertake, utilize, welcome, work
    Antonyms: disallow, refuse, reject
  8. Verb understand
    Synonyms: accept, apprehend, assume, be aware of, believe, catch, compass, comprehend, consider, deem, expect, experience, feel, follow, gather, grasp, hold, imagine, interpret as, know, look upon, observe, perceive, presume, receive, reckon, regard, see, see as, sense, suppose, suspect, take in, think, think of as
    Antonyms: misconceive, misunderstand
  9. Verb win; be successful
    Synonyms: beat, be efficacious, do the trick, have effect, operate, prevail, succeed, triumph, work
    Antonyms: fail, lose
  10. Verb carry, transport; accompany
    Synonyms: attend, back, bear, bring, buck, cart, conduct, convey, convoy, drive, escort, ferry, fetch, go with, guide, gun, haul, heel, jag, journey, lead, lug, move, pack, piggyback, pilot, ride, schlepp, shoulder, steer, tote, tour, trek, truck, usher
    Antonyms: hold, keep, maintain
  11. Verb captivate, enchant
    Synonyms: allure, attract, become popular, bewitch, charm, delight, draw, entertain, fascinate, magnetize, overwhelm, please, wile, win favor
    Antonyms: disenchant, repulse
  12. Verb require
    Synonyms: ask, call for, crave, demand, necessitate, need
  13. Verb subtract
    Synonyms: deduct, discount, draw back, eliminate, knock off, remove, take away, take off, take out
    Antonyms: add
  14. Verb cheat, deceive
    Synonyms: bamboozle, beat, bilk, con, cozen, defraud, do, dupe, fiddle, flimflam, gull, hoodwink, pull a fast one, swindle, take for a ride, trick
    Antonyms: be honest
  15. Verb contract, catch
    Synonyms: be seized, come down with, derive, draw, get, sicken with, take sick with
    Antonyms: be immune

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